Ours is a school rooted in partnership - school, parents, church and the community working together for the benefit of each individual child.

"This is a highly effective church school, whose distinctive Christian character shines through all aspects of its work. A climate of security and high expectation give all the confidence to achieve their very best. All members are justifiably very proud of their school and their place within it."
SIAS Inspection October 2012

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school.

The happiness, well-being and achievement of each child are our main concerns. We strive to create an exciting, stimulating learning environment. An environment that is safe and secure, where children’s welfare is the concern and responsibility of everyone. A place where children are given opportunities to realize their talents across a broad and balanced curriculum, developing into caring and responsible young people.

We believe that the quality of relationships within school between adults and children and with parents and the wider community underpin everything that we are able to achieve as a school. We are committed to our ‘Open Door Policy’ and partnership with parents, the church and the wider community. We encourage parents and friends to come into school regularly and to participate actively in school life.

Above all, our school is a place of learning where children are motivated and challenged to reach their potential in every area of their development. All Saints’ has an enthusiastic, caring, committed, professional teaching and non-teaching team, who in partnership with parents, endeavour to achieve the best for each and every child.

The Green Leek Federation Aims Statement

Within a Christian framework at our ‘ Green Leek Federation Schools’ we aim to challenge and support all pupils to enable them to develop their talents and achieve their potential. All individuals are valued irrespective of ability, race, gender, culture or faith.

At our ‘Green Leek Federation Schools’ we aim to provide excellent teaching and stimulating learning experiences across a broad and balanced curriculum, within a happy, caring, inclusive and safe environment.

We aim to enable each child to develop the personal and social skills necessary for them to become independent, responsible, active participants in their community through partnerships with home, our parish churches, local neighbourhoods and the wider community.

Our Green Leek Federation Values

At All Saints’ and Burton Green we share three values regularly and explicitly within our school and wider community. These values underpin everything we strive to achieve.

  • Value yourself as a unique, special, talented person by always trying to do the best in whatever you do;
  • Value each other by treating everyone with care and respect through listening to people’s opinions, talking politely and treating everybody in the way we hope they will treat us;
  • Value our school by caring for our school building and outdoor environment, and the resources we share.

The Green Leek Federation

All Saints’ Primary School and Burton Green Primary School working together in partnership.
Since 1st September 2014 All Saints’ and Burton Green Primary Schools have been working together as a federation of schools.
Effective learning for each child and efficient management including the wise use of resources, underpin the aims of our partnership. Working together enables us to widen opportunities for both children and adults in terms of curriculum experiences within the school day, experiences outside the school day, supporting children who need to learn more gradually and extending our most able learners. Sharing staff expertise and professional development opportunities enables us to continue to develop a highly skilled staff across both sites.
Mrs Sue Patterson as the Head of the Federation works with the federation governing body to determine the strategic direction of the schools, to ensure that by working together we continue to build on the existing good practice that is part of the life of both schools. She divides her time equally across both sites in order to support both schools most effectively and ensuring that she appreciates the individuality, talents and needs of each child, in each of the two schools.


More details about admissions can be found on the admissions page, or in the 2017 and 2018 admissions policies.