29th - 2nd Half Term
5th Return to school
5th - 9th Spring Fever Week
5th 7:00 PM Green Leek 10K Steering group at All Saints
6th 7:30 PM P.T.F.A
7th Reception 2017 Group Induction
7th Years 5 & 6 Green Leek Kingswood Challenge Day at All Saints
10th 2:00 PM Village Fete and Village Country Dancing displays. P.T.F.A Pimms and BBQ
11th - 16th Years 5 & 6 Kingswood Residential visit, Norfolk
14th 9:20 AM Open Assembly Rev Peter Burns
14th Reception 2017 Group Induction
19th Stained Glass Window Day
20th 9:45 AM Open Morning September 2018
20th 4:00 PM KDPSA Field Events at Kenilworth School
20th 7:00 PM All Saints’ Resources Committee
21st 9:20 AM Ash Class Assembly
21st Reception 2017 Group Induction
21st 1:30 PM Open Afternoon September 2018
21st 7:00 PM Green Leek Performance and Standards at All Saints’.
22nd 4:00 PM KDPSA Track Events at Edmonscote Track
23rd 9:20 AM Oak Class assembly
23rd Bags2 School
27th 5:00 PM Pupils Cricket Match, 6.00 School v Village Cricket Match
28th 9:20 AM Reception 2017 Induction 9.20 Open Assembly followed by coffee and chat
28th Induction Day Year 6. September classes YR – Year 5
29th 6:00 PM Central Area Sports
29th 7:00 PM Green Leek Resources at Burton Green
30th 7:30 PM Years 3 & 4 Sleepover