Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 is a time of enabling children to continue to develop key skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Computing and Programming, being mindful that these skills underpin achievement in so many areas of learning. At the same time we provide opportunities for children to apply skills, investigate and problem solve within broader curriculum contexts. We use history and geography to drive cohesive topics that are meaningful, exciting and extend the boundaries of children’s knowledge.  ‘Rainforest’, ’Time Detectives’, ‘Tomb Raiders’ and ‘Should We Send the Children?’ are just a few of our stimulating starting points for our older children.

Key Stage 2 is organised into 3 classes: Year 3/4-Dudley, Year 4/5-Waller and Year 6-Wise.

Year 3 is a time of transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. 
It is a time to develop and use greater independence in the choices made within learning. A time to use and develop a wider range of skills across the curriculum.

Year 4 is a time of developing confidence in Key Stage 2
It is a time to develop higher level skills to produce work of greater depth. It is a time to explore and participate in a wider range of extra curricular activities.

Year 5 is a time of opportunity and challenge
It is a time to use knowledge and skills in more complex contexts and to reflect personal choices and opinions in work produced. It is a time to relish greater responsibilities in the life of our school.

Year 6 is a time to accept and take responsibility for maximising learning opportunities
It is a time to show understanding in work that has depth and quality and to develop leadership skills that contribute to the well being of everybody in our school.